Saturday, September 30, 2006

Experimenting with the simple.
As if my jewelry wasn't simple enough... I love this new piece though (can I say that about my own jewelry??) It's a concave sterling silver disc hanging from soft Greek leather. It makes me feel calm. It makes me feel like a little kid after I had finally wiped all the snow off my round disc sled... It's like having a clean slate. Everyone needs a clean slate. It's shallow enough that memories and feelings can swirl around inside but not get trapped. The best part is you can also flip it over and wear it like a shield! lol
I'm still wondering if this needs something or if its ok just plain and simple like it is... The hardest part about being an artist and "making stuff" is knowing when to stop.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Urban Cowgirl Series - this one is listed for sale on Etsy (
My little jewelry company is finally (kind of) off the ground. After 8 years of dabbling in jewelry (many, many more if you count all the jewelers saw blades I broke in my dad's studio as a kid) things are moving forward! I just completed my first big order for a REAL store! YAY! Naka in Ferndale, MI ( will now carry Lunasa Designs jewelry (hopefully forever)!
I also have some jewelry on consignment at the Northville Art house in Northville, MI. ( They are a cool little gallery that just opened up a sweet little shop... Go check them out! I saw a TON of cool stuff for sale in their shop... Made me feel bashful about selling my stuff there!
I'm also sending a few pieces out to LA for a show next month. Hopefully some famous movie star will see something, buy it and wear it EVERYWHERE!!! haha!
I'm sure I'll be posting a lot about the trials and tribulations of starting a business - especially starting a business while raising two very rambunctious little boys who think fire is cool (not good when I'm trying to solder something) and think its their duty to "take care" of mommy's tools! When they hit 18 I'll send them a bill (because I'm assuming they'll be out of the house, right??? haha) for all the damaged walls from hammering, all the gemstones and beads that have been consumed (yes, they EAT them), and all the precious metal that has been flung through the air! Maybe I should just add those losses as a tax write off??
They're still precious.