Wednesday, August 06, 2014

More fun limericks!

A girl from Texas was packing
But paused, as her cat was attacking
Boxes and tape, so she had to escape
And prove her poetry skills were not lacking. ;)


There once was an artist named Luna.
She made jewelry all day to buy tuna.
She once made a ring

So bright and round with bling,
That she thought she'd made the Moon-ah!


Thank you!!

Keep those limericks coming!!

Monday, August 04, 2014

One more limerick for today....

I can SO relate to this limerick.  From another artist and friend.

there once was a girl from hamtramck,
she had lots of things in her attic,
when push came to shove,
she looked up above,
shook her hands at the doves,
and tried not to panic


Remember to write your limerick!
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Limerick, Limerick, Limerick!!

Ok, so the title lies.  There are only 2 more limericks.

This one from my beautiful friend Jamie!

The beautiful work
By this beautiful soul
Will make the right jewel
Sparkle just right on your toe...

and my other beautiful friend Tammy (actually the first limerick of the year)

Let me start it out
No comment drought
Don't want you to pout
I wanna hear you shout
That is what this is all about!
(....If you're sick, I hope it's not gout!)


This one makes me a little sad...  My good friend Lisa who got all of her lunasa designs jewelry stolen (among other things).  Makes for a good limerick though!  (gotta see the positive, right?)

There once was a girl from Burque,
whose house got broken into by a jerky.
He cleaned out her jewelry,
and musical instruments
but it could all be bought back with some workey.

Lunasa Designs

First LIMERICKS of this new year (for me)!!

Three limericks from the lovely Season (one of my very favorite customers/friend):

There once was a girl with a wish
to build campfires and cook lots of fish.
She would sleep in a tent, save a mint with no rent
and read books about Lillian Gish.


In a kingdom (I made up) called Rudy
lived a king who proclaimed no more beauty.
No pendants, no rings (which he deemed selfish
things). When he died, people cheered and wore rubies.


A woman immersed in desire
Dreamed of carnivals and gypsies and fire.
She fled late one night when the music was right,
changed her name from Deanne to Sweet Lyre.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

I haven't written on my blog in forever but....

Well, I kind of lost all of my sign in information.  Yikes.  It's been a year already!?  How did that happen?  Good thing I figured out how to sign in and post because....  drumroll please....
8 days of limericks starts NOW! This 7th annual celebration of limericks marks my 8 year anniversary of selling on Etsy, 14 years of Lunasa Designs Jewelry, the Irish festival of Lunasa, AND my 40th (gulp) birthday. Make those limericks EXTRA good on August 8th (my birthday)!! I'll need all the laughter I can get.
This year will basically be the same as last year but with a BIG discount.  To mark my 40 years of being awesome, I'm giving a 40% off coupon to anyone that writes a limerick.  HUGE discount! 
Post your original (written by you) limericks on my facebook page, on twitter (@LunasaDesigns), send them to me in a convo on Etsy or to my email address... Or post them here in the comments.  Basically, any way you can find me.
You only get one coupon code BUT for every limerick you write you get your name put in a hat and at the end of the celebration (my Etsy anniversary on the 9th) I will pull 3 names from the hat and give YOU gifts!! Sound good?! good. Now go write those limericks! and find me! and show me the limericks. You have 8 days....
The picture lies....  you have until August 9th

Friday, August 16, 2013

And the winners are......

Picked out of a hat by my 9 year old son (he did not peek) whom is home sick right now.

The winners of the limerick giveaway are:

Karen T.
Emily & Tim
Megan M.

Send me your address and I'll send your prize out!  Thanks for another great year of limericks!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last of the Limericks!!

Wow!  Sorry for the delay!  I've been a little sick.  My son has been a little sick....  Amazing how a few days of "time off" can put me back a couple of weeks!
So....  Here they are....  (drumroll please)  The last of the limericks.  I will (finally) be pulling names from a hat later today.  Don't forget to use your limerick coupon (if you wrote a limerick) it was supposed to expire on the 16th (tomorrow) but I'm going to extend it until the 20th.

The mother who lived in the shoe
Must have wanted an hour or two
To just read magazines
And to lounge like the queens
But to rest would result in a coup



There was once a lady named Cara
Who yearned (like a burn with no aloe vera)
To fill her fingers with rings
That would make her heart sing!
(Even if tears of joy will ruin her mascara.)

"modern-day Gollum"
There was once a stranger on the Interweb
(just a nobody - certainly not a celeb)
But she wanted pretty rings
Oh, how they tugged at her heart strings
Her insatiable desire for shiny things shall not ebb.



and these 3 are from my good friends Emily and Tim (sorry guys, I had to leave the "x-rated" one out) Although you still seem to have plenty about squirts and spurts....   ;o)

2. I picked up my speed in a spurt
And ran and ran til it hurt
got weak in the knees
and let out a sneeze
but ended up having the squirts

3. I have a best friend named Tim
Who should move to Denver on a whim
I could see him daily
And we'd play so gayly
But sadly the prospect looks dim

4. There once was a wee little bird
Who stepped in an animal turd
I shouted alerts Of my dog's anal spurts
But my warnings that bird never heard

~Emily & Tim

And there you go!!  Last of the limericks (*sniff * sniff *) It's been fun!  I'll post the winners of the giveaway here and on my facebook page - so be sure to come back tonight or tomorrow morning!  If I happened to miss any limericks, please, please let me know so I can post them!

Monday, August 05, 2013

5th day of Limericks....

this week is rebekah's birthday
so it's time for a fun giveaway
if you make the words sing
you might win a ring
to celebrate her special day

Happy Birthday!


And these 4 are from Karen T.  Thank you!!

  • 1. There once was girl from Utah

    who made jewelry that kept us in Awe

    it made us all drool

    it was super cool

    too bad we cant buy it all

    2. Becca was having a birthday

    How old will she be ,did you say?

    It isn't so bad

    she wont be too sad

    her last year before turning for-tay

    3. There once was girl who loved rings

    her collection was fitted for kings

    every chance that she got

    another was bought

    It made her so happy she sings

    4. I wish a great birthday to you

    with blessings galore and fun too

    you bring joy to us all

    when you follow your call

    We are blessed by all that you do.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Limericks keep coming in...

Thanks for the new limerick Roy!

You could win something like this!!
There once was a sale for a limerick.
It was not glimmer, glam, our other ick.
The contest afforded fans discounts.
For those who wish a jewel in this mount.
~Roy C.

So now it's your turn!  Send a limerick today!!

First Limerick of the Day!

You could win something like this!  Write a limerick today!
I promised myself I'd stop shopping
Tried to scroll past your shop without stopping
But I'm like a magpie
The rings caught my eye
Shiny silver with sparkly gem toppings