Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's talk about blog - Where do you aspire to be in 5 years?

Sawyer and Honey the horse

I'm really late with this post!  The Handmade Division team does a talk about blog every month - where each member writes about the same subject.  This month the subject is: "Where do you aspire to be in 5 years".

Planning for any future event is always hard for me.  I've lived my life in a way that anything and everything is possible and I may have to move across country at the drop of a hat (no, I'm not an escaped convict). 

Right now though (living in what I call suburban hell) I strive to make enough money so that my husband doesn't have to work - I want to move back to our property in Michigan - right next to my dad's farm.  We have 10 acres there - all wooded - all trees that I grew up with...  Our property is comforting - the one place we've always felt safe and completely ourselves.

Our road through our woods - and campsite
 We've never been able to afford to build a house there but for the last 3 years that we lived in Michigan rented a small house nearby instead.  We would camp out all summer long and I often joked that we should just put our stuff in storage for the summer months...  stop wasting our money on rent while we live in tents.

Since my dad's death, my brother has been living on the farm - and with the help of all of my siblings has been rebuilding and reviving it.
I must say, I'm a bit jealous.  I would love to live off the land again.  The way I grew up.  Relying on the earth for heat and power and food and no longer paying utility bills!
I would love to wake up every morning in our woods - the sun coming up through the trees...  The soft breeze smelling of Michigan sagebrush (not the real name but that's what we always called it) and sweet smelling orange hawkweed.  I would love it if my husband was no longer tied to a 9-5 job - or in his case a 6-9 job...  I would love it if I could restore my dad's studio...  wake up and walk up the hill every morning...  Say hi to the sheep and horses on my way... Help weed the magnificent garden my brother has grown...  Refill my coffee cup at the farm house and then make my way to the studio.

our woods and rock pile

Gardens at the farm

Ahhh....  even thinking about it makes me feel like I can breath again.

Imagine only living on my etsy income.  It would be impossible living in suburbia but with no utility bills, no rent or mortgage..  We'd be rich!  In many more ways than just monetarily.

My kids could play on 87 acres - the way I used to play - with complete freedom no annoying parents watching their every move.

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RosyRevolver said...

I love this post, Rebekah. What beautiful photos and even more beautiful dreams.

Wishing it all for you from here,

fine little home said...

this post made me want this for you too! what an amazing place to grow up and the love that most likely percolates from every ounce of dirt or flows through every leaf or even just trickles in the air, must make your family farm a magical place. i hope your boys can roam the earth that made their mama love this place so.

just a lovely post, thanks for sharing.