Saturday, August 13, 2011

The LAST limerick - for real this time....

A ring is a marvelous thing
To a hand it does elegance bring
Add a stone of a hue
That matches your mood
And it’s sure to make your heart sing!

Oops! Missed a couple of limericks!

These got caught in the spam folder!  If you have sent me a limerick and don't see it posted here, please contact me at

Thank you Patricia for the next 2 limericks!

As summer comes to its end

It’s so nice to spend time with friends

Whether movies or lunch

...It’s more than a hunch

I wish I had more time to spend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The very last Limerick....

This last limerick is from Steven...
{please let me know if you sent me a limerick and I didn't post it or give you your discount code - I may have missed some!}

There was an old man with a beard

Who said, "it’s just how I feared!

Two owls and a hen

Four larks and a wren

Have all built their nests in my beard.

...And more!

From fellow birthday celebrator Jen!

There once was a girl named Jen

Who was really no good with paper and pen.

Try as she might,

She just couldn't write.

And missed out on a really discount on a pair of earrings for her birthday.


More limericks!

There once was a boy who played hockey

So good it made him quite cocky.

But then he got cut

So what the puck?

Now he works as a jockey!

Thank you to my dear friend Doneta for this great limerick!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of the Limerick Sale....

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 4th annual limerick sale!
I was sick yesterday and not able to get on the computer much - so I'm extending the sale through today!  So if you have a limerick, send it to me!
Coupon codes can be used until August 17th but let me know if you need an extension - I'm flexible...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Love these limericks! Keep them comin'!

Thanks for the great limerick Bridget!

I know a little boy named James

He has little lions that he tames

He said they wouldn’t listen

Then they all went a missin

Or at least that’s what the little boy claims

Limerick numero..... um... I've lost count!

there was an ol' gal from the west

she wanted to give it her best

but no matter her go,

she only felt low

that she was never as good as the rest.

Thank you Dagne!

2 more days.....

There's only today and tomorrow to take advantage of my 4th annual limerick sale!  Send your limericks to me today to get 20%, 30% or 40% off your entire order!  (discounts are randomly picked out of a hat).
Remember, you get a discount code for EACH limerick that you send to me - so if you send more than 1 there's a high chance you'll get 40% off!!
Send original (written by you) limericks to me on Etsy, to my email, or post it on Lunasa Designs Facebook Wall.  I'll be posting all limericks on my blog (here) for an extra chance to win something great!  Remember to come back here and vote on limericks - the limerick with the most reactions and comments will win something special from my studio...  (nudge, nudge....  it's jewelry!)

And remember, Limericks are FUN and SILLY!  Don't overthink it, just write it! 

This ring is Sterling Silver and Fine Silver with a beautiful Nevada Veracite stone!  It's one of a kind and will be listed in my Etsy shop later today!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I love this time of year!

A funny limerick from my dear friend Sophie! 

There once was a girl called Rebekah

Who wanted some poems, well heck yeah.

But no-one would write 'em

Though she threatened to bite 'em

-the only rhyme I have left now is "deck-chair".

Now THIS would be a dream come true!!

There once was a girl called Rebekah,

Creatively inspired by Lughnasadh,

One day the god Lugh,

Admired a ring or two,

And she became artist-in-residence at Tara.
Thank you Nicole!

Day 7... ...3 more days to go!

Nothing's cooler than my little stackers, 

Not even the sale price of Goldfish Crackers.

And when I want another one,

The choices are way too fun,

Because Lunasas has no slackers!


There once was a girl who liked limericks...

Kids & teachers all love the long summer days,

But mid-August creates a kind of a haze.

With school starting soon,

It's time for a new tune,

That list of Things To Do goes up in a blaze!

...Limerick, limerick, limerick...

There was a lady who loved growing flowers,

But the slugs chewed them for hours & hours.

She snipped them in half,

With a delighted laugh,

And knew then that she had the power!

Limerick, limerick, limerick....

There was a lady who loved beautiful rings,

But she already had too many things.

So, she gave stuff away

Which made someone's day,

Then called on Lunasas for new bling!

Wow!  tons of limericks coming in!  I love them all!  These next few are from Lisa.

And another...

There once was a wee silly goose

Who had quite a smelly caboose

So I lift her up high

And sniff by her thighs

It looks like you just took a deuce

from Emily and Tim!

What number is this??

The limericks are pouring in!

Number 7 is from Rebecca:

There once was a girl named Mary

who had quite a thing for berries

She ate them all day

Til the made her sway

And that's how she popped her cherry!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Limerick #6!!

Writing a lim'rick is hard,
My poor brain, it must be charred:

From beaches and sun,

And camping trip fun,

T'would be easier if I was a Bard.

Limerick #5!!!

Tristan likes to read,

New books he doesn't need.

The old ones are great,

He reads them 'till late,

Harry Potter is the best it's agreed.

Limerick #4

There is a little girl named Tannon,

Who went for a walk in a canyon.

She ran into a bear,

Who gave her a scare,

And out she shot like a cannon.

Limerick #3!!

There once was a boy named Dade,

And out in the sun he stayed.

His mommy was mean,

And made him wear sunscreen,

So now he only plays in the shade.

Limerick #2!!

More limericks!  I have about 6 or 7 to post - so stay tuned!  Each limerick will have it's own post so that you can "vote" by commenting or clicking on the reactions below.

Ok, here goes...  the next few limericks are from Kristen - great rhymes about her children!

There once was a girl named Biker,

And everyone really did like her.

She's fun when she giggles,

When she dances she jiggles,

We all want to be just like her.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

First Limerick is here!

There once was a girl we call Nugs

Who had an obsession with jugs

It's no easy feat

But a girl's gotta eat

So she scales up my lap and she chugs

~Emily Upson

I picked out of the hat and Emily got 40% off anything in my shop!  Great limerick Emily!  Thank you!

4th Annual Limerick Sale!!

4th annual Limerick Sale is going on now!
Every year I have a limerick sale to celebrate my Etsy anniversary (5 years on August 9th) my birthday (August 8th) and the Ancient Irish festival of lughnasadh (Lunasa)! What better way to celebrate than to have everyone write silly limericks for a discount! Send me a limerick either on Etsy (Lunasa Designs on Etsy) through email (Rebekah Meddles) or post it on Lunasa Designs facebook page and I will send you a special coupon code of either 20%, 30% or 40% off anything in my Etsy shop (%'s are picked out of a hat and completely random). There is no limit to the limericks you can send me and I will send you a coupon code for each one - you can save them up until the last day of the sale (August 10th) and use your best one or you can use them as you get them. Your choice! For an extra special bonus this year, all limericks will be posted on my blog - I'll be asking my blog readers to vote on their favorite and the winner will receive a prize from my shop!  So check back often to view new limericks and to vote - just leave a positive comment on your favorite limericks and they will be counted as votes (negative comments not necessary)!

Let the limericks begin!!!