Thursday, August 01, 2013

Guess what time it is?!? No... It's NOT Taco time.

You could win something like this!!!
8 days of limericks starts NOW! This 6th annual celebration of limericks marks my 7 year anniversary of selling on Etsy, 13 years of Lunasa Designs Jewelry, the Irish festival of Lunasa, AND my last birthday in my 30's (gulp). Make those limericks EXTRA good on August 8th (my birthday)!! I'll need all the laughter I can get
This year the rules are a little different:
Post your original (written by you) limericks on my facebook page, on twitter (@LunasaDesigns), send them to me in a convo on Etsy or to my email address... Or post them here in the comments.  Basically, any way you can find me (if you have to have your kid slip me a note during recess, that's fine too).
Every person who writes a limerick (or 25) will automatically get a coupon code for my etsy shop for a straight 30% off (A BIG discount in the art world! Not a big discount for Wal-Mart shoppers. sorry) You only get one coupon code BUT for every limerick you write you get your name put in a hat (I don't know what kind of hat yet) and at the end of the celebration (my birthday) I will pull names from the hat and give YOU gifts!! Sound good?! good. Now go write those limericks! and find me! and show me the limericks. You have 8 days....

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Boot ~C said...

this week is Rebekah's birthday
so she's hosting a cool giveaway
if you make the words sing
you might win a ring
to help celebrate her special day