Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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Not a very good picture - but this is my latest creation... Copper and silver wrapped on very soft Greek leather with some turquoise thrown in. OK... It was a little more involved than just throwing it in...
I'm going through "Jewelers Block" right now. For the past few days I have not been motivated to do anything. It's not a creative block - I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head - but a physical block. Or something just not connecting right for me to get my work done. It's extremely frustrating! Anyone else ever go through this?? I'm sure I'll get a resounding "YES!" to this question! I have tons of ideas in my head - I walk in my studio, look around, sit down... And just CAN'T get started! UGH. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones. Maybe it's the lack of coffee. Maybe I need to reorganize my studio... get the feng shui flowing again. lol
I read something interesting recently from www.gmarketing.com ( http://www.gmarketing.com/articles/read/2/The_Truth_About_Creativity.html) Here's a little sampling of the parts I found most interesting: "Professor Ray believes there are five qualities of creativity: intuition, will, joy, strength and compassion. Four tools stimulate those qualities – faith in your own creativity, absence of judgment, precise observation and penetrating questions. He and I agree wholeheartedly that creativity is not one great eureka moment that produces a brilliant idea. Instead, it is a way of life." I agree, wholeheartedly... Only lately I'm not feeling the flow of all of those things together. Maybe this is why: "Almost every creative professional knows very well that true creativity is not the result of inspiration, but instead comes from hard work and focus. I’ve authored or co-authored 29 books so far and not one of them has come from a moment of inspiration. If I waited for that flash of inspiration, I’d still be laboring over page one of my first book. The idea is to be able to create by reaching deep into yourself and not to wait for a bright light to flash inside your head. If you do, you’re in for a long, dark wait. " Hmmm... very interesting... So - I seem to get that "bright light flash" inside of my head but when I actually go into my studio to work I just feel, blah. I'm still managing to plug along through this.... Inertia... But it takes twice as long to do anything lately.


Frizz said...

Wonderful piece. I've never seen anything like it.

I know what your going through, in fact I blogged about it a bit back. Someone suggested that your ideas need to marinate in your mind, that it part of the process. That m ade me feel better anyway. I think we all go through it. I love the quote you supplied.

PS - You may want to go under settings tab to comments and click yes for show word varification for comments to keep the spam out of there!! :)

Rebby said...

Thanks Tricia!