Sunday, April 27, 2008

finiuin ring. again.
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If this ring fit me, I would keep it.
I love how it turned out.... simple, yet still elegant - wrapped just so, around the finger (or in this case, my thumb).

This ring is made from Argentium sterling silver - Argentium® Silver is an anti-oxidizing, anti-fire scale Sterling alloy that is extremely tarnish resistant and is fairly new on the market.

Because there is no fire scale it makes beautiful fused rings! It can be fairly difficult to work with (breaks easily when under heat and soldering) but is a dream to finish!

I love making these fused rings because each one is completely different. Each one comes out as a total surprise (a lot like my children). I take a bunch of argentium silver wire, wrap it around my soldering ring mandrel and hit it with my torch.... from there I let the metal melt where it may, fusing together, balling up... I then put it on my forming mandrel and hammer it out - inspect it... see if it needs to be fused more... and then do it all over again. Sometimes adding more wire, sometimes adding a bezel to set a stone when it's all finished.

I love casting and melting metal but I don't have a set-up for casting in my studio right now - so this kind of controlled (yet random) melting will do for now.


mdk jewelry designs said...

this is really neat. i love it so much.

i also love the ring that you posted to your flickr page. niiice!

Anonymous said...

Pretty ring Rebekah ! My link isn't working in your links list, just noticed.I clicked on it to see where it was going to.It's because the www is missing in the address. :) Thank you for adding me by the way !