Monday, January 05, 2009

Me and my family of boys!

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Almost 7 years of me bugging Scott to get a family picture taken.... an "official" family portrait.... We finally have one. I guess it was good that we waited until we had all of our boys. Although one with just us and Connor 7 years ago would have been nice too. I'll take what I can get! ha ha!
This picture wouldn't have been possible without my mother in law and sister in law - We dragged all of our men and children down to the portrait studio to get a BIG family portrait done (and smaller family portraits). Fun for us. Not so fun for the "boys".

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andrea said...

MOG that is so cute. you look like an "official" family, like a family business! nice hats. conner looks like a preteen rock star! sawyer looks like your grandma.
miss you guys