Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where is my studio??
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Please be patient... This is what my studio looks like right now!
My very well-meaning father in law decided we would unpack faster if all the boxes from the truck were in the very spot designated for my studio. He would have been right - But none of us were counting on my dad's death and then Kristi's death... Kind of put the damper on unpacking stuff.

Now we like our house as it is. Simple. Uncluttered. Minimalist. I don't even want to unpack these boxes....
I don't even know what's in them at this point.
As the days pass, I find myself caring less and less about finding out what's in them.

I DO want to set up my studio though!

I'm itching to start working again. Itching to get these ideas out of my head and transferred to metal.

Perhaps I'll rent a storage unit? Have a garage sale?

A garage sale would mean I still have to open and go through each box {sigh} something I'm not looking forward to!

I wish I had a magic wand - I would wave it now and everything would magically disappear and my studio would magically appear. {Maybe with some new, shiny tools too??}

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