Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hearts... hearts.... do you think I can get 5,000?

On Etsy (the website that I have a not so secret love affair with) we like to collect hearts... Each heart represents another etsy shop or buyer who happens to think your shop (or mine) is pretty cool. I remember (vividly) my first 12 hearts... I jumped up and down and squealed with delight every time I got a new one! My husband thought I had finally, truly, lost my mind.

Imagine my shock (and humbled feelings) when I realized recently that I have close to 5,000 hearts! I'm sorry... I did not jump up and down with each one of those hearts. In fact, I became so busy with my little shop that I frequently forgot to check my hearts.

I'm blown away by how far I have come in these few years on Etsy. Blown away when I recall my past self.... listing my very first item.... waiting with excitement (and a little trepidation) for that very first view - wondering if I would be well received in this small but tight knit community that was Etsy back then...
My first heart was a sign for me and it gave me the courage to list more... make more... and put my all into my etsy shop as a real, live, business endeavor.

I'm happy that I did.
Some of my best friends (though I have never met them face to face) I met on Etsy. I've met beautiful, wonderful people that are my customers... I cherish every one of them and feel blessed that my jewelry is being worn by people that I truly like!

So.... How long till my big milestone of 5,000 hearts?? A month? Two?
I will be excited to find out... And maybe, just maybe I'll not only jump up and down and squeal but I'll also do a little dance!

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