Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New *FUN* Challenge!

I like to challenge myself - in FUN ways, of course! As a kid, I would constantly create games in my head to help me deal with certain situations or just to make the time pass in a more interesting way. Some things that I did may be viewed as obsessive compulsive... such as telling myself, "if we pass one more red car, that means I'll get that barbie doll I've wanted forever"

It works... Well, kinda (I never did get that barbie doll) but my life is never dull - which, I think is one of the points of living, right?
um.... So, what is my point?
I've never been really good at creating a "series" of jewelry. With my sculpture I would become obsessed with one idea and have a hard time creating anything outside of that idea - which I guess made for a somewhat cohesive line of work (not that that should be the point or reason for creating artwork) but with jewelry.... Well, to be honest, I get bored easily.

Or to put it in a more positive light - I have too many ideas to just stick to one.... and I think that jewelry should be fun - not exactly thought provoking...

Having said all of that, there are some pieces of jewelry that I really, really liked creating and wouldn't mind making again - like my "crazy lace" series that I started a few years ago - my first in this "series" was this ring:

It happened by accident (as most good things in my life do) but it was fun to make and I loved the randomness of it. I've made a few more over the years - one that I gave to my friend Shannon as part of a Secret Santa that EtsyMetal (our etsy street team) does every year. Another, I sold earlier this year from my etsy shop...
But it never really became a "series". I think, in part because I love the randomness of it and the freedom of just creating something without having a set plan of what it will be - As soon as I said that it was my "crazy lace series" I just didn't feel like making any more. Does this happen to anyone else?

So, I decided that every time this ring sells on Etsy, I will create another one. Completely random, spur of the moment (because I never know when it will sell) and using whatever materials I happen to have at the moment. That keeps it interesting, right? I won't take special orders for this ring but I will take size requests - as long as the request comes with the understanding that this ring will be completely random, guided by whatever creative energies happen to be surrounding me at that moment.... and you have to watch for the new one - I won't be putting any of these on hold for anyone.

OK... so, this isn't really a "challenge" but more like one of my 7 year old's "mind games".

I'm also doing this with my "Earth Ring" that was incidentally featured on this blog:

I have a bunch of vintage turquoise that my mother in law gave me - it was in her mother's crafting stuff - I'll make a new ring with this turquoise every time one sells - until I run out of the turquoise. Again, I'll take size requests but I can't guarantee anything else about the ring - except that it will remain simple, large, and have a nice, soft, brushed matte finish.

I see why Connor likes his "mind games" so much, they do make life more interesting and less (*responsible, tedious*) work oriented.


Beth Cyr said...

that does sound like a fun challenge!!

Valerie A. Heck said...

I like the crazy lace series. I hope the challenge is inspiring!