Monday, July 30, 2012


Wow!  It's been an entire year (almost) since I've blogged!  yikes.
WELL...  Guess what time of year it is?!?!  Celebrating - 6 years of Etsy, The Festival of Lunasa and my birthday....  oh, and that's right!!  5 fantabulous years of LIMERICKS!!!
Time for my 5th annual limerick sale!
This year I'm doing things a bit differently.
THIS year, you can send limericks to me from August 1st through the 8th (my birthday! yay!) BUT I will be out of town.  (bad timing, I know).
With no cell phone service.  (yikes.)
Soooo....  this year, for every limerick you send to me, I will pick a "prize" out of a hat.  Prizes include such fabulous things as "free pair of earrings with any order" or "20% off your entire order" or even (gulp) "50% off your entire order".  Prizes could also include sucky things like "1% off your order"  or "Sorry, I'm going to have to add $500 to your order" (no, there's not one like that) BUT that's just so you'll send me more limericks.  I'm sneaky that way....  because if you DON'T like whatever I pull out of the hat, you just send me a new (remember, original and written by YOU) limerick and I'll pull something else out of the hat.
You have an entire month to cash in on your prizes (until Sept. 8th)!!  I have a ton of one of a kind items to add once I get home.  Don't forget to wish me a happy birthday because I'm a leo and like that kind of thing. heheh.
Remember, I'll be out of town until right before my birthday - so don't panic if you work for hours (sweating even) on a wonderful, cool, crazy, awesome (probably the best in the world) limerick.....  and then I don't respond.  I LOVE it, I promise...  I just haven't told you that it's the best in the world because I haven't read it.  yet. 
So pick up that pen and paper (computer, ipad, phone, kindle...) write...  sweat...  hit "send".  :)

To start sending me limericks, either post to my facebook page: Lunasa Designs, write to my email address, or convo me on my etsy page - and if you're like me (super worried that my fabulous and brilliant creation will get lost out in cyber space somehow) send them to all 3!  I will post ALL limericks here (with just your first name) unless you think you would die of embarrassement (either suck it up, or tell me not to post it - I'm flexible).  ;)

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