Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LAST day to send me limericks!!!

It is the very last day to send me limericks....  So sad!
Here are a few new limericks from the very talented Caity!

There once was a girl who wore bonnets

She spent all her days writing sonnets

but then one cold day

the snow got in her way

so she wrote her last sonnet upon it!

There once was a lady who knew

she had something important to do

so despite others' doubts

and the touting of touts

with a spark her light grew and it grew!

Thank you Caity!!

Nevada  Variscite ring.  In my shop!

Thursday, August 09, 2012


Today is my official 6 year anniversary on Etsy!  It's hard to believe I've been on that site so long!
In celebration here are two more limericks - Thank you Season!
I'll be posting more limericks later - you still have time to send me your limerick!  I'll be accepting limericks until August 15th.

BIG black onyx ring - to be listed in the next few days!
There once was a girl named McKay
who purchased a ring on eBay
but the ring was mass made
and she far overpaid,
so she came back to Etsy, okay?

There once was a Meddler in metals
Whose trade was in magical rings
She hammered on metals
and set precious stones
(She was really quite good at these things.)

                                    ~Both limericks by Season


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

First Limerick(s)

The first 3 limericks are all from Lauren!  Thanks Lauren for the brilliance!

  1. The most elegant cat in the world
          Always wore diamonds and pearls

          She was kind to mice

          And never played dice

          Her fur was all in ringlet curls

  2.    There once was a girl with a face

         That looked to be from outer space

         When she turned around

         Everyone frowned

        And threw up all over the place

  3.  There was a carnivore boy
       Who never ate any soy

       He ate lots of fish

       But sometimes he wished

      He could have a little bok choy


Happy birthday!