Monday, August 05, 2013

5th day of Limericks....

this week is rebekah's birthday
so it's time for a fun giveaway
if you make the words sing
you might win a ring
to celebrate her special day

Happy Birthday!


And these 4 are from Karen T.  Thank you!!

  • 1. There once was girl from Utah

    who made jewelry that kept us in Awe

    it made us all drool

    it was super cool

    too bad we cant buy it all

    2. Becca was having a birthday

    How old will she be ,did you say?

    It isn't so bad

    she wont be too sad

    her last year before turning for-tay

    3. There once was girl who loved rings

    her collection was fitted for kings

    every chance that she got

    another was bought

    It made her so happy she sings

    4. I wish a great birthday to you

    with blessings galore and fun too

    you bring joy to us all

    when you follow your call

    We are blessed by all that you do.

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