Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Again with the "very beautiful girl"!! I'm starting to feel like a plate of chopped liver! hehe!

So - a few weeks ago Connor and Elijah convinced me to buy a pineapple at the store. Once we got home and cut it up, Elijah wouldn't touch it (of course) but Connor sat at the table and savored his bowl full...
He looked deep in thought for a moment and then said,
"I will get the children a pineapple".

Me: "what children? The kids in your classroom"
Connor: "no"
Me: "so what kids are you getting a pineapple for"
Connor: "when I get older, I'm going to marry the very beautiful girl, Natalie.

When she has kids, I will buy them a pineapple".

Love is so simple at his age. :)

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