Sunday, October 14, 2007

As usual, I've been neglecting my blog...

I promise to get better!

We've been busy here! After much consideration, Connor decided he wanted to go to kindergarten - Getting up early (6am) has been tough on our usual late afternoon riser but he LOVES school! So, the normal things that go along with having a kid in school are happening now... Me feeling like I have to volunteer for every little event that comes up (I have to be a dedicated parent, after all), Connor bringing home every virus and cold under the sun... Picking up bad habits and teaching his younger brothers (how to stick out their tongues at each other).

Along with the not so good, there is a lot of GOOD - Connor LOVES his teacher - when asked, "why?" he says, "she has a nice voice". He also has fallen in love for the first time.... I'll never forget our endearing conversation about his newfound crush - A conversation I wasn't expecting for another 8 years at least! {sigh}

After the first week I was asking him how his day was - This is how our conversation went:
Mommy: "So how was your day today?"
Connor: "I don't know"
Mommy: "Did you have fun?"
Connor: "yeah"
Mommy: "What did you do?"
Connor: "I don't know"
Mommy: "you don't know what you did?"
Connor: "moo-oooom!! I don't REMEMBER!!"
Mommy: "oh. Do you have any friends?"
Connor: "yeah"
Mommy: "what are their names?"
Connor: "I don't know"
(long pause while Connor thinks about something)
all of a sudden he gets a little smile on his face and says: "but mommy, there's a very beautiful girl in my classroom!"
Mommy: "oh yeah! What's her name?"
Connor: "I don't know"
Mommy: "What does she look like?"
Connor: "I don't know."
Connor: "Do you think I could marry her when I get older?"
Mommy: "Well, if you want to marry her I think you should find out what her name is first"
Connor: "how do I do that?"
Ahhhh..... love... true love.
So for over a week we've been calling her the "very beautiful girl" and its the only way to get him out of bed at 6am ("Connor, get up! Time to go see the very beautiful girl at school" - and he's up in a flash)
Yesterday it was her "special day" (like show and tell) and he FINALLY learned her name! OH he was so excited!
He came home and first thing said, "mommy! I know the very beautiful girl's name now!!"
Mommy: "oh yeah! What is it?"
Connor: "Natalie!"
Mommy: Did you talk to her today?"
Connor: "no, I heard someone call her that"
(my cute little stalker)
Mommy: "Did she talk to you today?"
Connor: "yes!"
Mommy: "what did she say?"
Connor: "sorry."
Mommy: "She said, 'sorry'?
Connor: "yeah."
Mommy: "Why did she say sorry?"
Connor: "MOM!!" because she stepped on my hand!"
Mommy: "oh. why did she step on your hand?"
Connor: "MOM!!! because it was right there by her foot"
Mommy: "um.... why was it there by her foot? Where you taking a nap?"
Connor: "NOOO-OOO!!!!
Mommy: "well, ya gotta help me out here - I wasn't there, remember??"
Connor: (big sigh and rolling of eyes) "She stepped on my foot because I fell down in the playground and she
accidentally stepped on it and said sorry."
Mommy: "Oh.... Was she coming over to help you?"
Connor: "NOO-OOOO!!!"
Mommy: "oh. well why was she right next to you then?"
Connor: "because she was following her friends".
(loong silence)
Mommy: "What you should have done is say, "that's ok - but will you kiss it better?"
Connor: "MOM!! (trying to supress a smile)
Mommy: "what? Don't you want her to kiss it better?"
Connor: "MOM!!"
Conversation disolves into a tickling fest.....

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