Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Lipstick" resin earrings

My new lipstick resin earrings!
I decided I needed to work with what I have - in preparation for moving - and one thing I have (that I haven't used in a long time) is A TON of epoxy.
One of my favorite workshops in school was learning how to use 2-ton epoxy as resin. We learned how to color it ourselves (using things like eye shadow), make molds, and do simple bezel settings like these. That was.... oh.... 10 years ago now... hah!
And I'm just now getting back into using the techniques - out of necessity more than anything. I must use up some of my supplies before our big move (wherever that may be) and I'm determined to have some fun while I do it!
These are a cheap little addition to my shop right now at $22 a pair. Sterling silver post earrings with your favorite maybelline lipstick inside. hah! Just kidding... It's resin... Hard as a rock. Please don't try putting it on your lips.
It won't work.


kiddlebug said...

Very sparkly!

niftyknits said...

because you're worth it?

threemoonbabies said...

Great earrings! Really do look like lipstick!

knitsational said...

Those are very cool!

lilacpop said...

Love these earrings and the story behind them! I've been wanting to play around with resin. I bought it and everything but am trying to figure out ways of making bezel settings without actually having any tools or materials!!