Sunday, August 09, 2009

There once was a girl who liked limericks....

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Oh my goodness!
I walked away from the computer for one day to celebrate my birthday and came back to an explosion of limericks!! How exciting!
I'm still trying to play catch up with giving everyone their limerick discounts.... Thank goodness the kids will be away at their grandparents for the next week - because I'm going to be busy!
There's still one more day to get your limericks to me and get a 30% discount on your entire order! If you don't feel like writing a limerick just write, "weekend deals" in the message to seller box when checking out for a 5% discount.

Enjoy these new limericks! I have enjoyed them all! Some are quite hilarious and some are quite poignant! Great writing everyone!

There once was a girl with a pet hen
Who kept said hen in a wire pen
While watching the telly
She felt her empty belly
and fixed a plate of fried Chick-ken
~ Doneta

There once was a girl who loved bling,
A certain Lunasa made ring.
She wrote some silly rhymes
To save a lot of dimes.
Now She thinks she has to sing!
~ Nichole

There once was a girl who lived in France
whose man wanted her not to wear underpants
She said "No, I want you to buy me a ring
Because I need some finger bling!"
And he replied "Ok but a least give going commando a chance!"
~ Lauren and Simon

With school season on its way
I have no much money to spend
So with this limerick I wanted to say
Thank you so much for having this sale!
~ Wilka

I wanted to buy a new ring
Then saw these and thought "just the thing"
When folks gaze at my finger
Their looks they will linger
And a smile they are certain to bring
~ mickey

A mother most busy
Stops to clear her head most busy.
She breathes in and out,
Feels life drift quietly about
And smiles, content with the tizzy.
~ Blanche

There once was a zombie named Fred,
He simply refused he was dead.
He fell head over heels for the girl next door,
Who turned out to be an undead whore,
And they got together and bred.
~ Dessa

I was browsing Etsy’s website today
I wasn’t going to buy anything, per se
But your ring lured me in
As it was tiny and thin
Now I hope it’ll arrive without delay!
~ Antonette

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