Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tis the season for weddings....

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My new, very rustic (yet sparkly) one of a kind engagement ring!
I'm very proud of this piece!
Made for a girl like me (bit of a tom boy, a bit unconventional but still a little girly).
Available in my etsy shop Get it while you can! I'll be closing my shop for the summer (starting on June 14th) and I can't promise that this will be coming back! The bonus part of going on vacation with my extended family is that they usually demand that I bring my jewelry and then they snap everything up rather quickly!!
Love them! :)



unique ring, especially the band.

Blue by Adult Dance and Fitness said...

Oh!!! I'm checking out your website right now and I just may buy a ring :)

Rebekah Meddles said...

Thanks everyone! :)