Saturday, August 07, 2010

Day 7 - Limerick sale of the day!

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There was a tiny bit of confusion yesterday about the earring sale - So I'm going to extend it for a few hours today! ALL earrings are 20% off (with a limerick) plus FREE shipping. This includes earrings in my "one of a kind" section so make sure you check those out too!

Easiest thing is to do a search for "earrings" in my shop.

Looking forward to reading more limericks!!
In the meantime, here are some I've already received:

There once was a sweet girl named Av'Ry
Who lived WAY too far from her Gram(me).
But on August the 8,
We can ALL celebrate
After all, she's your own birthday Buddy!!

We will celebrate Avery's fourth birthday on 8/8 together it is a big deal because she is in California and we are in CT.
And I would like to order these earrings.


There once was a girl from Carolina,
who loved Lunasa Design-a.
The tiny stackable rings,
were her favorite things,
nothing could be any finah(er) :)


There once was a librarian
Who was utilitarian
At a Uni in Philly
Her students are silly
It’s all too proletarian

Avery's sister is called Miss Katie
WHo's birthday bud is Great, Great Aunt Bea
Oh, they sing and they dance,
You should see them prance
Small and Tall, one 6 and one 93.

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