Friday, August 06, 2010

Limerick Sale of the Day!!

Carnelian post earrings
Originally uploaded by Lunasa Designs
Day 6!
Write me a limerick and you will receive 20% off ALL earrings in my shop (including one of a kind items)! Plus FREE shipping!
If you don't write a limerick, you still get free shipping. :)

Remember, after today there are only 2 more days left!

Here are a few limericks I've received so far! They are FUN!

there once was a man who insisted,
by his wife he would not be enlisted,
to write a limerick today,
for a sale she did say,
but at last he couldnt resist it.

There once was a graduate scholar
Who'd count microbes just for a dollar
While bent over the scope
She tried not to mope
But thank god they're not any smaller

I inherited from my Bubbie,
Some fingers that tend to be chubby,
So I will need a size 8,
Yeah that would be great,
I love rings like this that are nubby.

These are great and should inspire you plenty!

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